Chairman's Message


It's a matter of great pride for all members of SKS since this charitable business organization is celebrating its golden jubilee anniversary on 01 July 2022. As Chairman SKS, would like to convey my heartiest felicitation to all its members on the occasion of this gala event of 50th birth anniversary. Prior to conveying my Raising Day greetings to all, I would like to recall the memory of 3 million people including the valiant freedom fighters and martyrs of the liberation war in 1971. I would also record the supreme sacrifice made by our Father of the Nation BANGABANDHU SHEIKH MUJIBUR RAHMAN and his family members for creating Bangladesh as an independent and sovereign country with a map of its own in the world. I would yet also recall the services and sacrifice made by all the members in last 49 years to bring SKS up to today's standard.

SKS was born immediately after the World War-ll as "Post Service Reconstruction Fund" later named as "Fauji Foundation in 1965. After the independence of Bangladesh, the erstwhile 'Fauji Foundation' was renamed as Sena Kalyan Sangstha' (SKS) on 01 July 1972 directed by the Father of the Nation BANGABANDHU SHEIKH MUJIBUR RAHMAN published through a gazette notification on 13 July 1972. Not only renaming, our Father of the Nation BANGABANDHU SHEIKH MUJIBUR RAHMAN with a noble intention donated 19 abandoned govt factories to SKS which was published through a gazette notification on 14 December 1972. The very intention of donating those factories to SKS was to enhance the volume of business and increase the magnitude of profit to be utilized for the greater cause of serving the humanity for centuries. Aligning the very mindset with that of the Father of the Nation, SKS through its three tiers of scheme of administration ran its business extremely well for almost last five decades. SKS with its 7 Business Divisions, 8 Supporting Divisions, one Real Estate and Construction Division and 29 x Factories including Sena Kalyan Insurance Company Limited (SKICL) is striving strenuously to put up their best in the local competitive business market following the legal code. The vibrant team of SKS, since independence, has been continuously working hard to maximize its profit without closing factories even during COVID-19 pandemic. It has delivered quality products including Sena Cement, Sena Edible Oil, etc to customers with reasonable price, could secure a place for Sena brand in peoples mind and served the retired community and the country by paying tax significantly. On the eve of the 50th birth anniversary of SKS, I deeply believe and sincerely hope that the present team would perform even better and serve the humanity even better in future. I would pray and urge upon all to pray for the SKS family as a whole. Apart from praying for our sound health and happiness, the almighty ALLAH would definitely keep us united and bestow SKS enough ability to be established as one of the best philanthropic organizations in Bangladesh in future, insha-ALLAH. May the Almighty ALLAH bless us all. Ameen