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Project - Background History:
Fasions Metal Industries (FMI) was re-named as Sena Kalyan Electric Industries (SKEI). FMI was established in 1959 at Nasirabad Industrial Area, Chittagong by a Non-Bengali owner. The Factory was handed over to SKS by the Government on 14 December 1972. The SKEI is setup at on area of land 2.057 Acres adjacent to the main road. The main product of the SKEI is Single phase (wound core) and three phase distribution Transformers. In parallely, we are making Habib Brand Ceiling Fans. SKEI is run by a bunch of highly skilled qualified officers and men. SKEI’S corporate thinking is driven by the commitment of quality. The complete in house manufacturing process helps to ensure optimum quality of the transformer. It has the complete testing facility to test and cheek all the major Raw-materials used in manufacturing process. To ensure the best quality of the coils of transformers best quality winding wires and strips are collected from home and abroad.
Important features of Transformer
Major Raw Material of SKEI Brand’s Distribution Transformer
1. CRGO (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet) as core for Transformer.
2. CRNGO (Cold Rolled Non Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet) for Ceiling Fan Armature & Rotor.
3. Supper Enamel Copper Wire
4. Copper Strip (LT)
5. Insulating Materials (Insulating Paper, Press Board, Backlite etc)
6. Transformer Oil
7. MS Sheet
8. Bushing (HT & LT) and other accessories.

Standard features:
Each transformer are manufactured and tested in accordance with the IEC 60076 BS 171 ANSI C57.12.00 & ANSI C57.12.20
SKEI used highest quality permeable Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO)
Silicon Steel Sheet is imported JEF’S corporation, Japan & Sumitomo Corporation, Japan.
This core is manufactured as to possesses a well aligned crystal orientation to the rolling direction using core.
They provide the following some superior properties:
1. High permeability
2. Low core loss
3. Thins sheet’s laminated on both sides
4. Low magnetizing current
One of the must important factors of Transformer is to ensure proper insulation. The following phenomenon is to be ensured Basic Insulation Level (BIL)
1. Insulated copper strip is being used in the each coil.
2. Insulation papers are being used in each layer of winding.
3. Bakelite and duct are being in the coil.
4. Fiber board between primary and secondary winding are being used.
5. All active parts are insulated by using best quality press board.
Coil Winding:
Coil winding are of two types.
1. High Voltage Coils
2. Low Voltage Coils
The following special care to be taken on the both winding:
a. Generally supper Enameled Copper Wire is used as basic raw material.
b. The coils are made in number of layers.
c. The starting and finishing leads of each coil are terminated on one side of the coil.
d. Oil channel is provided between mid-layers for proper cooling of HT coil.
e. The shape of the basic raw material in rectangular? Widely known as copper strip.
Transformer Oil:
Each transformer is filled with mineral oil while it is still under vacuum.
In this way moisture and gases are effectively removed from the winding and oil. Also conforming to IEC 76 and BS148
SKEI provides 3 (three) years warranty for each Transformer.
HABIB Brand Ceiling Fan
Technical Specification of HABIB Brand Ceiling Fan as per BSTI
Brand Name : HABIB Brand
Rated Voltage : 220V
Rated Current : 0.3A
Rated Input Power : 70W
Speed : 310-330RPM
Sweep : 1400mm
PF : 0.9
Frequency : 50Hz
Insulation level : Class-E
Air Delivery : 200m3 /min
Service Value : 2.86m3/min/watt
Colours : White,- off white, Green, Coffee or as ordered.
Raw-materials used in Ceiling Fans:
SKEI uses the following Raw-materials for Habib brand Ceiling Fans.
a. CRNGO-For making Armature & Rotor.
b. Wire-Gazi wires, BRB Cables or Khulna Metal super wires are used for armature winding.
c. Capacity-Amber brand motor run capacitors made by Pakistan.
d. Bearings-KBC bearing made by Korea are being used.
e. Fan Casing-Whole body Aluminium are being used for making Fan Casing.
f. Fan Blade-Fan blades are made of pure Aluminium.
SKEI provides 5 (five) years warranty for each ceiling fan. During the warranty period for any manufacturing fault SKEI replaces the defective fans with a new one.
Production Capacity and Raw Materials
Production Capacity
Production Capacity Per Year :
Fan - 20,000 Pcs.
Transformer-12,500 Pcs.

Raw Materials :
Aluminium Ingot,
Super Enamel Wire,
Capacitor etc.
Contact Address
Project Office :
SK Electric Industries, Chittagong.
63/73 Bayzid Bostamy
031- 683126,031-2584605

VIP Road , Mohakhali
Dhaka - 1208, Bangladesh
PABX: 880 2 9890819
Fax: 880 2 9890900

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