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Project profile
Mongla Cement Factory, the biggest industrial enterprise of Sena Kalyan Sangstha has been established near Mongla Port in 1994 on an area of 10.66 acres of land with the production capacity of 3,90,000 metric tons of cement per year.The mill went into trial production from Dec 1994 to June 1995. It has gone into commercial production since July 1995.
The second unit was installed on 25th January 2003 with the production capacity of 2,10,000 metric tons of cement.
Establishment of 3rd Cement Ball Mill (Capacity 110 MT/hour) is in under construction and will go in operation within this year.

  • Detail about the Factory
    Important features
    Characteristics of Elephant Brand Portland Composite Cement ( BDS EN 197-1CEM II/B-M(SVL)42.5N)
    • Higher Long Term Strength
    • Reduce Heat of Hydration
    • Better Workability
    • Sulphate Resistant
    • Acid Resistant
    • Carbonation & Chloride Resistant
    • Reduced Leaching of Lime
    • Reduce of Permeability

    Technical Specification of the Factory
    a. The Factory has been designed as a modern close circuit ball mill and dynamic separator.
    It can produce two type of cement as under:
    i) Portland Cement (CEM I /42.5N, CEM I /52.5N).
    ii) Portland Composite Cement (CEM II/B-M(SVL) 42.5 N).
    b. There are two mills. The Grinding Capacity of these mills are described bellow:
    Ser No Grinding Capacity MIll NO 1 MILL NO 2 Total Production Capacity
    1. Per hour 65 M. Ton 35 M. Ton 100 M. Ton
    2. Per day (20 Hours) 1,300 " 700 " 2,000 "
    3. Per year (300 days) 3,90,000 " 2,10,000 " 6,00,000 "

    c. There are two Packer Machines. The Capacity of these Packer Machines are described bellow:
    Ser No Packing Capacity Packer-1 packer-2 Total Packing Capacity
    1. Per hour 100 M. Ton 100 M. Ton 200 M. Ton
    d. Conveyor Belt Capacity per hour 180 M. Ton.
    e. Jetty length with 4 hoppers 150 Meters.
    f. Total clinker storing capacity (10,000 + 30,000) = 40,000 M. Ton in two silos.
    g. Cement storing capacity in three silos, (5000 ? 3) = 15,000 M. Ton.
    h. Gypsum storing capacity is 7,000 M. Ton in shed.

    (BDS EN 197-1:2003 CEM II/B-M(SVL) 42.5 N)
    Ser No Physical Parameters BDS Requirement Elephant Brand Cement
    1. Compressive Strength
    2 days
    28 days
    >/ 10 Mpa
    >/ 42.5 Mpa
    15 Mpa Min
    45 Mpa Min
    2. Setting Time
    140-170 minutes
    260-340 minutes "
    3. Soundness
    >/ 10 mm >/ 2 mm
    4. Finesness
    Specific Surface (Blaine)
    ______ >/ 4000 cm² /gm

    Ser No Property BDS Requirement Elephant Brand Cement
    1. Sulfate content (as SO3) <\3.5% 3% Max
    2. Chloride content <\0.10% 0.06% Max "
    Using Raw Materials & Origin/Source.
    Ser No Type of Raw Materials Origin/Source Remarks
    1. Clinker Korea, Thiland ___
    2. Gypsum Thiland ___
    3 Fly-ash India ___
    4 Slag Japan ___
    5 Lime Stone India via Sylhet ___

    Packaging & Origin/Source. There are two types of bags are using in this factory. The type of bag & it’s source are described below :
    Ser No Type of Raw Materials Origin/Source Remarks
    1. PP Bag Local ___
    2. Paper Bag Local ___
    Advantage of using EBC
    • Best quality among Portland Composite Cement.
    • Reasonable price.
    • Ensure of accuracy of weight.
    • Durability.
    • Best cement for saline weather zone.
    • EBC is always fresh. So, use less amount of cement in construction work, consumer can get more economical benefit.
    • No harmful ingredients in EBC. For this reason full cement is in high strength - So, no additional cement is required.
    • Time, labour and money are saved by its accurate and timely setting.
    • High strength against any natural disaster including earthquake-So, constructed building is fully protected and secured.
    • Full cement is workable. Because, each cement bag is fresh and having accurate weight. – So, building made by EBC is long able and strong.
    • Factory stands on the bank of the river Pashure near Mongla Port – So, consumer can avail timely delivery through river and road ways that saves time and money.
    • Excellent customer service.
    • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
    Contact Address


    Burirdanga, Mongla, Bagerhat.
    Phone & Fax : 04662-75173

    RAOWA COMPLEX (6th Floor)
    VIP Road , Mohakhali
    Dhaka - 1208, Bangladesh
    PABX: 880 2 9890819
    Fax: 880 2 9890900

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