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Ready MIX
In last few years SKS took up no of new projects like SKCD which has around 45 construction projects in DOHS Mirpur. Besides SKS Tower in Mohakhali, and two towers in Tejgaon link road would require huge quantity of good quality RMC. SKS planned to establish a ready mix concrete of its own to ensure supply of quality concrete primarily in our own projects in DOHS Mirpur, Mohakhali and Tejgaon. In addition, after capacity building, surplus quantity to be supplied to outside clients. Initial investment was planned to have following major equipment:
One Batching Plant
12 Mixture Truck
2 Concrete Pump
1 Pay Loader
1 Pick-up

Control Room . The whole process is controlled by a computer system from control room.
Aggregate bins. Coarse and fine aggregates are filled in the 3 bins by a pay-loader continuously.
Conveyer Belt. Bin’s bottom doors open and allow the aggregates to fall on the belt. Skip Bucket. Aggregates are taken to the bucket by conveyer belt.
Cement Silo. Cement from the silo are put to the mixing plant.
Mixing Plant. All the aggregates , Cement, admixture and water are all put together in the mixing plant. Its then mixed for the set time and released to the Truck for delivery to the construction site.
Concrete Pump. With the help of pump the RMC is pushed to the casting roof or basement.

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