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1. EDUCATIONAL STIPEND: Educational grant/stipend is admissible to eligible students from class six (VI) to post graduate level provided they are studying in a recognized school, college and university. Educational stipends are awarded in three levels:
  1. School level stipend                                 -  From Class VI to X
  2. HSC & Diploma level stipend                 -  HSC, diploma courses like
                                                                                 polytechnic, nursing diploma etc. in
                                                                                 all branches of technical education
  3. Graduation and higher level stipend  -  BA,, B.Com, MBBS, Engg,
                                                                                 Agri, VET, Hons, MA,,, CA, MBA etc.
2. GRANT OF EDUCATIONAL STIPEND: The system of awarding educational stipend is a follows:.

Eligibility: Only the under mentioned persons are entitled to receive educational stipend.
  1. Ex-Armed Forces Personnel of Bangladesh, Army, Navy and Air Force including released and retired personnel of British Indian Armed Forces and of Pakistan Armed Forces and their wives, sons and unmarried daughters.
  2. Wives, sons and unmarried daughters of Shaheed/deceased Offrs, JCOs and OR.
  3. Only the citizens of Bangladesh are entitled to receive Sangstha’s educational stipend.
  4. Applicant’s or his guardian’s income ceiling will be Tk. 1,65,000.00 per annum. Taxable income ceiling as declared by the Government time to time may be taken as highest income ceiling for this purpose.
  5. Educational stipends will be awarded to the eligible applicants who obtain 45% or GPA-2.50 and above marks or GPA in all level.
3. Non-Eligibility:: The under mentioned persons are not entitled to receive Sena Kalyan Sangstha’s stipend:
  1. Dismissed personnel from the Armed services.
  2. Ex-recruit and income earning wives, sons and daughters of the beneficiaries.
  3. Ex-members of BDR, Ansar, Mujahid, Police etc.
  4. Not more than 2 members of a beneficiaries family will receive SKS stipend at a time.
  5. Children born after retirement are not eligible to receive SKS stipend.
4. APPLICATION FORM: Application for SKS’s educational stipend are to be submitted on prescribed form obtainable free of cost from the Head Office of SKS, 195, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000, all District Armed Services Boards, Services HQs and Centres and Records.

5. HOW TO APPLY: An applicant will fill-up section 1 & 2 of the application form correctly and after endorsement by Head of the Institute where he/she studies/undergoes training will submit to the concerned District Armed Services Board for verification..

6. Concerned District Armed Services Board will verify the genuineness of the ex-servicemen and their dependents from its record. Normally, Ex-servicemen and their dependents submit the application forms along with the discharge certificate to the Secretary, District Armed Services Boards for necessary verification. He fills up section IV of the application forms and despatches the same to the Head Office of the Sangstha. The forms may also be endorsed by Commandant of Regimental Centres and services records. After necessary verification and endorsement the forms are to be despatched to the Head Office of the Sena Kalyan Sangstha (Welfare Directorate).

7. SCRUTINY: During scrutiny, District Armed Services Board/Records Offices will look into the followings:
  1. Particulars from the discharge certificates/pension certificate.
  2. Guardians yearly income certificate.
  3. Marks sheet/promotion reports bearing the applicant’s name, father’s name, name of institute, the class in which he/she is studying, roll no and name of Hostel/Hall etc.
N.B: Irrespective of the above-mentioned scrutiny by the District Armed Services Boards/Records, the authority for final selection for awarding educational stipends rests with the Sena Kalyan Sangstha.

8. RATES OF EDUCATIONAL GRANT: Stipend rates are determined by the Board of Trustees of Sena Kalyan Sangstha. The existing stipend rates are as follows:
  1. School Level Stipends per month                                                                                        Rates
    (1) From Class VI to VIII                                                                                       -                  Tk. 75.00
    (2) From Class IX to X                                                                                            -                 Tk.100.00
  2. HSC and Diploma level Stipends
    (1) HSC, Arts, Science, Commerce and PTI, Vocational                          -                 Tk.150.00
          Training, short hand, Type writing etc

    (2) Diploma-in-Engg, Nursing, Homeopath.                                                  -                 Tk.200.00
  3. Graduation and Higher level Stipends
    (1) BA, B.Sc, B.Com, B Ed                                                                                     -                 Tk.175.00

    (2) MA, M.Sc,, M Ed, MBA, Hons Course, LLM,                                 -                 Tk.250.00
           Library Sc, ICMA, CA

    (3) MBBS and degrees in Engg Agri, Vet, Tex, Technology                       -                 Tk.300.00
          Leather Technology, Marine Engg from Marine
          Academy and Marine Fisheries Academy
  4. Merit Scholarship
    (1) School level (Recipients of Board scholarship)                                    -                  Tk. 25.00

    (2) HSC, Graduation and Degree level obtaining Marks
          50% to 79% or GPA 3.00 to 3.99                                                                  -                  Tk. 25.00
          70% and above or GPA 4.00 and above                                                 -                  Tk. 50.00
  5. Incentive Stipend
    (1) SSC- GPA-5.00 without 4th subject                                                          -               Tk.4000.00
          SSC- GPA-5.00 with 4th subject                                                                 -               Tk.2000.00

    (2) HSC- GPA-5.00 without 4th subject                                                          -               Tk.5000.00
          HSC- GPA-5.00 with 4th subject                                                                 -               Tk.3000.00

    (3) Degree- GPA-4.00 out of GPA 4.00                                                           -            Tk.10000.00
          Master- GPA-4.00 out of GPA 4.00                                                             -            Tk.15000.00
9. TIME FOR APPLYING FOR DIFFERENT LEVEL OF STIPENDS: Normally the application for various level of stipends are invited as per the following schedule:
  1. School level stipend from Class VI to X   -  From 1st Jan to 31st Mar  (every year)
  2. HSC and Diploma level                                 -  From 1st Aug to 31st Dec  (every year)
  3. Degree and Higher level                              -  From 1st Nov to 31st Mar  (every year)
  1. School level Stipends: Students studying in school from class VI to X are required to apply once. For subsequent awards from class VII to X they are to submit the promotion report for next higher classes showing their stipend number, father’s particulars etc. during the stipulated time of receiving new applications. In case of failure they are required to apply afresh for next higher classes.
  2. HSC and Diploma levels: Stipend holders/awardees are to submit their promotion reports/marks sheets during the stipulated period of receiving new applications. In case of failure they are to apply afresh.
  3. Degree and Higher levels: Awardees of stipend are required to submit promotion reports/marks sheets during the stipulated time of receiving new applications. In case of delay in receiving results, the awardees are required to submit the promotion report as soon as it is published.
11. COMMITTEE FOR AWARDING STIPENDS: The Committee for awarding Sena Kalyan Sangstha stipend (Ex-servicemen) consists of the following:
  1. Managing Director                                                       -           Chairman
    Sena Kalyan Sangstha
  2. Deputy Managing Director, SKS                               -            Vice-Chairman
  3. Director Welfare, SKS                                                  -           Member
  4. Director Finance, SKS                                                  -            Member
  5. Director/Deputy Director                                          -            Member
    Bangladesh Armed Service Board
  6. Director of Education                                                 -            Member
    Bangladesh Army or his nominee
  7. Director of Education                                                 -            Member
    Bangladesh Nave or his nominee
  8. Director of Education                                                 -            Member
    Bangladesh Air Force or his nominee
  9. Representative of Directorate of Secondary    -            Member
    & Higher Secondary Education Board
  10. Representative of Retired Officers                        -            Member
  11. Representative of Retired JCOs/OR                      -            Member
  12. Deputy General Manager Welfare, SKS               -            Member-Secy
12. COMMITTEE FOR AWARDING STIPENDS: The Committee for awarding Sena Kalyan Sangstha stipend (Employee employed in SKS) consists of the following:
  1. Deputy Managing Director, SKS                     -      Chairman
  2. Director Welfare, SKS                                        -       Member
  3. Director Finance, SKS                                        -       Member
  4. Deputy General Manager Welfare, SKS      -       Member-Secy
13. INFORMATION OF AWARDING STIPEND: After the award of stipend by the Education Committee the lists of awardees are sent to all services Head Quarters, Director, Bangladesh Armed Services Board and all District Armed Services Boards. During disbursement the lists of awardees are also sent to each educational institution for disbursement of stipend money. Besides, information of stipend is published in the national dailies in the form of press release. This will be given in Sena Kalyan Sangstha website.

14. AWARD OF STIPEND MONEY: Sanctioned stipend money is sent to the Heads of Institutions through stipend warrant/bank draft/pay order. The Heads of the institutions disburse the stipend money as per list. After disbursement acknowledgement receipt are forwarded to the Head Office of Sena Kalyan Sangstha along with un-disbursed amount, if any.

15. FORFEITURE OF STIPEND: A stipend is liable to be forfeited at any time if the holder’s progress or character and conduct is not satisfactory or if he/she furnishes wrong/false information.
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