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Young able-bodied Ex-servicemen released/discharged from Armed Forces face difficulty in employment in civil life. To encourage them for self reliance the Sangstha awards vocational training stipends to all those Ex-servicemen getting training in German Bangladesh Technical Training Centre, Mirpur Technical Training Centre and Chittagong Technical Training Centre. Sangstha awards 100% stipend to all those Ex-servicemen and their dependents getting training in these technical training centres.

Besides, the Sangstha awards 100% stipends to those who undergo vocational training in all the District as well as Government Vocational Institutes.

SYSTEM OF AWARDS:   The system of awarding vocational stipend is as follows:
  1. Eligible persons can apply for stipend for vocational training at any time unlike other stipend.
  2. The dependents of Ex-servicemen willing to undergo vocational training are required to get themselves admitted to the nearest Technical Training Centres or District Vocational Institutes.
  3. After admission Sangstha’s prescribed application forms for Vocational Training (available in all the District Armed Services Boards) are to be filled up and forwarded through the Heads of the Institutes and Secretary DASB to the Head Office of Sena Kalyan Sangstha.
  4. The Sangstha processes each individual stipend for full course informing the institute and the applicant.
  5. On receipt of bill by the Sangstha after every three months (quarterly) the stipend money is sent to the Heads of the Institutes for remittance to the applicant.
  6. On receipt of acknowledgement of the stipend money by the Heads of the Institutes the bill for the next quarter are processed and sent for remittance.
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