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SENA KALYAN SANGSTHA’S THREE REST HOUSE: Ex-servicemen used to face difficulties for their short stay at Dhaka, Chittagong and Rajshahi with their limited means. In consideration of their difficulties Sangstha has been maintaining three Rest House for them presently located at House No. 135, Matikata Bazar, Dhaka Cantt, Dhaka, House No. P-2, Shershah Colony, Chittagong and 26/A, Ahmed Nagar, Shalbagan, Shopura, Rajshahi where they get reasonable accommodation at nominal exp.

  1. Only the Ex-servicemen can stay in the SKS Rest House.
  2. Ex-servicemen willing to stay in the Rest House are to produce their discharge certificates to the Caretaker who after scrutiny will allow them to stay maximum for a period of 7 days at a stretch. For extreme emergency boarder can stay in Rest House more than 7 days with prior permission from Director Welfare, SKS
  3. The Caretaker will enter the detailed particulars of the boarder in the register and obtain his signature.
  4. The boarder are to pay the rent in advance to the Caretaker who will give a receipt for the amount paid. The money collected will be deposited weekly in the Head Office.
  5. Similarly the boarder will sign in the register during his departure mentioning date and time.
  6. The boarder staying in the Rest House will collect bedding etc. from the Caretaker and return the same before he departs. The boarder will compensate for any loss/damage of items.
  7. No boarder is allowed to enter the rest house after 11.00 PM..
  8. No outside other than Ex-servicemen is allowed to stay in the Rest Houses
  9. Nobody is allowed to hold any meeting or sty with any fire arms/legal weapons in the Rest Houses.
  10. No boarder is allowed addiction to drinking alcohol.
  11. No boarder is allowed to cook in the Rest Houses. Food is to be consumed from the out side hotels/restaurants.
  12. Any boarder violating any rule of the SKS Rest Houses may be debarred from staying temporarily/permanently.
  1. Officers          -   Tk. 20.00 per day.
  2. JCOs               -   Tk. 10.00 per day.
  3. OR                    -  Tk. 5.00 per day.
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